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I understand your anxiety over this situation. Your aesthetician could very well be correct. It all depends on the special blend of oils that she used to massage your face, as well as what kind of skin you have. If the special blend she used contained a high concentration of medicinal grade essential oils like lemongrass, which in itself is very antibacterial, it could actually help tone and clear the pore. The other half of the equation refers to the carrier oil used as the base of the blend. If it is a grapeseed oil which is a more micronized form of therapeutic oil, it will not clog the pore because it penetrates into the dermis of the skin instead of setting on top of the epidermis creating a barrier that prevents oxygen from entering and keeping impurities out. If she used a carrier oil such as mineral oil, or coconut oil, you very well may have a breakout from that ingredient alone if you are prone to blackheads. I myself create my own blend and have for the duration of my career, but it is heavily formulated with antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and tiny monosaccharide chained oils to deeply nourish, tone, and treat open pores after extractions. These ingredients tend to be much more expensive than the common ‘filler’ ingredients found in many mass produced massage oils for the public. There is also the protocol following the massage. Your esthetician could have used an enzymatic ingredient like Papain derived from the papaya fruit to massage into the skin to soften and loosen debris from the pores as a pre extraction massage to facilitate the ease of unpacking blackheads and gently sloughing dead cells from your epidermis to leave you with that healthy glow. Then using the right toning mask to close the pores afterwards. Without knowing her formula I cannot say for sure whether or not you will have an adverse reaction to your facial, but I can suggest that if you have a relationship with your esthetician and you trust that she knows your skin and her trade than you probably have nothing to worry about. Next time just ask her what the ingredients are in her concoction, as is your right to know what is being used on your face. I guess the short answer to your question is; some oils are very good for your skin if used in the right proportion to essential oils which counteract the negative clogging effects of lipophilic ingredients on their own and aestheticians are trained to use appropriate protocol per individual situation and skin. I would go to someone you trust, ask questions, and if you are getting the desired results stick with her, as her knowledge of your skin will grow into a symbiotic relationship for you both.

Yes. Not every time of course, and there are other contributing factors. Try to use your speaker phone instead of putting your cell up against your cheek and chin while talking. Objects touching our face during our daily routine are a  big reason for constant break-outs in a specific area. If you play an instrument or sport, be aware of the equipment that is coming in contact with your face on a regular basis and clean it with some rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant that won't damage your equipment. That will get rid of the bacteria sitting there waiting for your next visit. If you find yourself in class resting your head on your hands while listening or concentrating on schoolwork, that is a common habit that leads to problem areas that become constant struggles to keep clear. When you find yourself doing it, try to remember this and break yourself of the habit. That's what I had to do for while until it wasn't natural for me to rest my head in my hands while reading or listening in class.

Back Acne can be caused by many different factors. Yes, Score works wonderfully to heal, protect, and alleviate acne symptoms on any part of the body. It should be applied twice a day after your shower and before bed. Eliminating the source of the breakout will assist in the success of the treatment. As a man, you will also find that Score has great benefits right after you shave. Razor burn will no longer be such a battle. A couple of things to take note of; wash your sheets every three to four days and use a new towel to dry off with daily. You may want to spray your mattress down with a microbial disinfectant every few months. If you are single, the application of products to your back and proper washing shouldn't be difficult. I suggest purchasing a back brush (not a loofah, they harbor a great deal of bacteria after even the first use) that can be put in the dishwasher for sanitation after each use. You don't want to overdo it though, exfoliating your back once a week is all that is needed to keep your pores clean. As far as applying SCORE to your own back. Take a piece of plastic wrap a couple feet wide, drop about four to five drops on it and apply the product onto your back in a motion similar to using a towel to dry off.

To uplift the spirits and relive a depressed state of mind, aromatherapy and massage work hand in hand. Some essential oils that are best for this would be lavender for its incredible calming effects on the mood. Lavender oil is nearly a sedative for the mind, calming anxieties. However if you are looking for a remedy that does not involve falling asleep adding neroli and camphor oil will be the perfect balance. Neroli has a mood lifting orange blossom fragrance that was used in Egyptian times as perfume. Camphor oil is stimulating while also a ninth cranial nerve relaxer. So by applying a few drops of Score to the temples and gently massaging the temporal lobes while lying down and practicing deep breath therapy, after a few minutes a clearer, happier mind will be your reward. Then I suggest making a cup of st. johns wart tea and taking a stroll around the exterior of your home, apt bldg, or condo. You will be amazed at the little wonders you'll find by looking into the places you seldom go. Just yesterday I did just that and found a tiny bunny under one of my bushes...apparently his whole family lives there. Now I plan to visit now and again. Good Luck, and have a great day!